Agri-food & Trade Opportunities

The challenge of feeding the world is growing and Canada has unique potential to help.

Since even before Canada became a country, our people were developing skills at harnessing resources and trading with the world – and today we are one of the world’s biggest exporters of food products. Co-operative enterprises have been at the forefront of Canada’s success, creating solutions for farmers and rural communities that rival some of the largest enterprises in the world. From grain to dairy to poultry and beef, local and national Canadian co-ops are ready to embrace the opportunities presented by new trade agreements with more markets – including the chance to supply more Canadian food to consumers in China.

A co-operative partnership between IFFCO Canada, La Co-op fédérée, Investissement Québec and Pacific Gateway Energy is working to set up Quebec’s first fertilizer production plant. The operation will be model for industry stakeholders and stimulate the province’s economy by promoting local suppliers and businesses over the current reliance on imported fertilizers – meaning more local jobs, efficient farming, and exporting more Canadian agri-products.

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