Co‑operatives and mutuals require attention, encouragement and support to thrive. It is in the Government of Canada’s interest to educate business support personnel to recognize when a business opportunity is well suited to co-operative ownership.



  1. CO‑OPERATIVE MODELS FOR STABLE GROWTH: Create a national conversation on the idea of using co‑operative models to fill in gaps, create stronger more stable growth.
  2. INVEST IN INNOVATIVE CO‑OPERATIVE INITIATIVES: Co-finance collaborative initiatives that will achieve the government’s priorities. Allow Canadians to more easily invest in their co-operatives and mutuals.
  3. EXPLORE MODELS FOR UNDER-SERVED MARKETS: Promote the examination of co‑operative models in underserved markets and underserved geographies.
  4. LEVERAGE TRADE OPPORTUNITY: Ensure Canada’s co‑operative enterprises are directly engaged in how to fully leverage the opportunities that new trade initiatives (e.g. China) may present.
  5. THE ROLE OF CO‑OPERATIVES IN NATIONAL POLICY: Consider fully the role that co‑operative enterprises can play in the next stage of national policy on Innovation.
  6. RAISE AWARENESS OF THE CO‑OPERATIVE MODEL: These solutions can be more broadly used if better known, and government has the tools to help.